India has become one of the top tourist destinations in recent years, especially for those who want to spend their vacation in an exotic place with a rich culture. It’s not only a country, but a true universe. India hosts an extremely varied kaleidoscope of cultures, languages, mountains, forests, rivers, deserts and cities, while being considered as the greatest democracy on Earth.

India in a Snapshot

  • Capital: New Delhi
  • Language: Hindi, English and regional dialects (Bengali, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu)
  • Currency: Indian Rupee
  • Climate: Tropical

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Why Medical Tourism in India?

Medical tourists choose India for highly trained, qualified doctors, affordable medical care, world-class nursing care and the variety of procedures available. India has a global reputation for its flawless healthcare system and advanced medical facilities.

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Main treatments offered in India

  • Orthopedic procedures
  • Cosmetic and plastic procedures
  • Cancer treatments
  • Organ transplants
  • Dental treatments
  • General surgeries
  • Urology procedures
  • Ophthalmological procedures
  • Bariatric (obesity) procedures
  • Fertility treatments

Top Medical Centers in India

India features a world-class health care system, advanced medical equipment and highly trained doctors. An increasing number of medical tourists choose it, thanks to its qualitative medical care and affordable prices.

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