Cancer Treatment in Germany

Cancer Treatment Package Germany

Cancer Treatment Package Germany

Getting the cancer diagnostic is really a life changing news. But thanks to advancements in technology and early detection methods, cancer treatments have high success rates.

Cancer is caused by an abnormal cell growth, which in time leads to the appearance of a malignant tumor. Malignant tumors, also known as neoplasm tumors, have the potential to spread and invade other parts and organs in the body. Cancer occurrence can depend on a number of environmental factors, genetics and also on various life-style choices (such as smoking, alcohol consumption etc.)

Cancer treatment depends on factors like the stage in which the cancer is diagnosed, how much it has spread, age of the patient and many others. Courses of treatment like surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy is decided after a close assessment of the patient’s condition by the doctor.

Cancer Treatment Procedures

  • Surgery
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted therapies
  • Immunotherapy
  • Hormonal therapy

Surgery: This treatment option is available for non-metastasized cancers. The surgical option is used in order to remove small, localized tumors. Some examples of surgical interventions in the case of cancerous tumors include mastectomy for breast cancer, prostatectomy for prostate cancer, and lung cancer surgery for non-small cell lung cancer.

Radiation therapy: This treatment is used by concentrating ionizing radiation in order to kill or shrink cancer cells or tumors. The radiation beams are focused in a certain target area in order to alter the cancerous cell’s DNA and make it impossible for them to continue growth and division. Radiation therapy can be administered either externally, through external beam radiotherapy (EBRT), either internally via brachytherapy.

Chemotherapy: The therapy consists of administering certain drugs which affect the rapidly dividing cells. Although most drugs used in chemotherapy target all rapidly dividing cells, normal cells have the capacity to repair damaged DNA, which cancer cells lack.

Procedures and Clinics in Germany

Prostate Cancer Center, Frankfurt, Germany

Prostate Cancer Center, Frankfurt, Germany

The Prostate-Center was founded in 2010 by Prof. Michael K. Stehling and it constitutes one of the greatest treatment centers for the challenges in medical care of men. With 25 % of all cancers, prostate cancer is the most frequent malignant tumor in men and responsible for 10 % of all cancer deaths. At the Prostate-Center they employ the most advanced methods for the diagnosis and therapy of prostate cancer.

German International Clinic

German International Clinic, Frankfurt, Germany 

German International Clinic, located in Frankfurt, Germany, is a top notch international medical clinic, which offers modern, as well as traditional, cancer treatments and procedures for patients all over the world. Thanks to experienced physicians and modern medical equipment, various types of cancer are detected in the early stages, therefore making the treatments highly successful.

Germany has become over the years one of the best destination for cancer suffering patients. World renowned clinics and doctors offer comprehensive solutions for both imaging and diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to the high quality of medical care offered and top notch equipment used, Germany will continue to receive and treat patients with great results.

Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy Germany

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