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Dental Implant Treatments at Implantology Clinics in Europe

Dental Implant Treatments at Implantology Clinics in Europe

From Poland to Greece, from Izmir to Bucharest, getting the perfect dental vacation with a brand new smile that functions even better than ever before is made easy.

PlacidWay’s dental implants medical centers have provided their top options for you to choose from.

Say goodbye to covering your mouth because of missing teeth and enhance your smile in the top European dental clinics for dental implantology procedures.

Most dental implants treatments in Europe have abutments included and the implantology experts have also included the crowns cost, in some cases even all inclusive services.

From single implant cost to all-on-6 systems, you can customize your dental treatment abroad in any way you desire, to fit your needs, budget and expectations.


Best Dental Implants Packages in Europe




Dental Implants Package

Istanbul, Turkey

Dentram Clinics


Nobel BioCare Dental Implant with Lifetime awrranty

Izmir, Turkey

Ekol Hospitals

$1,120 – $1,325 per tooth

Dental Implants in Izmir Turkey at Ekol Hospitals

Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz


Dental Promotion Package in Bad Ragaz Switzerland

Istanbul, Turkey

Hospitadent Dental Group

$780 (Implant)

$1,170 (Implant ITI)

 Dental Implants

Jelenia Gora, Poland

KCM Clinic

$872 (MIS Implant)

$1,222 (Nobel Replace/Activ)

1,047 (Biomet 3I Implant)

Dental Implants

Zadar, Croatia

Pantalon Dental Practice

$765 – $1,020

Dental Implants

Rijeka, Croatia

Smile Studio

$215 – $1,075

Top Dental Implants At Smile Studio in Rijeka Croatia

Istanbul, Turkey

Tanfer Clinic


Tanfer Clinic Offers Dental Implants Promotion in Istanbul Turkey

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