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Our kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that reside in the upper abdominal cavity. Their functions include extracting waste products from the blood, create urine, and balance the body’s fluids. When a patient suffers end stage renal disease or kdney failure, these important kidney functions also ends.

A kidney transplant is a type of organ transplant procedure that replaces a patient’s own diseased (damaged) kidneys with a healthy (donor) kidney from a family member or from a deceased person.

Good candidates for kidney donation must have:

  • No indication of kidney disorder
  • No indication of major medical conditions such as diabetes
  • No risk of having diabetes

A kidney transplant is highly recommended for patients who suffer from:

  • Severe kidney failure
  • Stage 5 chronic renal disease
  • End-stage kidney disease
  • Renal failure

What is included in a typical kidney transplant package?

Most kidney transplant packages include the costs for the following treatment details such as costs for the transplant procedure, the surgeon’s professional fee, initial lab tests, hospital stay for the patient and donor (depends on the number of days, dialysis sessions (if needed), post-surgery lab tests and diagnostics, all meals for the patient and donor during the hospital stay, along with airport pick-up and drop off.

Reasons to Choose Partner Medical Centers at PlacidWay:

  • Transparent package prices
  • Transplant procedure, surgeon’s fee and hospital stay already included in the package
  • Internationally accredited hospitals
  • 99% success rate of organ transplants
  • Highly experienced and certified surgeons
  • Most hospitals have an International Patient Department to assist you!

Searching for an affordable but safe kidney transplant? There are a lot of medical centers around the world that can provide you with treatment packages and affordable prices!


For more information about kidney transplant packages from our medical centers,please do not hesitate to contact us!

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