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Safe Stem Cell Therapy Packages In Germany

Stem cells are cells that retain the ability to renew themselves through mitotic cell division and can differentiate into a diverse range of specialisedcell types. In a developing embryo, stem cells can differentiate into all of the specialisedembryonic tissues. In adult organisms, stem cells and progenitor cells act as a repair system for the body, replenishing specialized cells, but also maintain the normal turnover of regenerative organs, such as blood, skin or intestinal tissues. Each new development in stem cell technology is under intense scrutiny to see whether it is safe and ethically acceptable.

Stem cell types

Not all stem cells come from an early embryo. In fact, we have stem cells in our bodies all our lives. One way to think about stem cells is to divide them into three categories:

  • Embryonic stem cells: grown in the laboratory from cells found in the early embryo
  • Tissue stem cells: found in our bodies all our lives
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells, or ‘reprogrammed’ stem cells: similar to embryonic stem cells but made from adult specialisedcells using a laboratory technique discovered in 2006

Stem cell therapy

  • Clinically proven stem cell treatments

There are few therapies which have undergone rigorous clinical trials in accredited centres and institutions. The cost of such clinical trial programmes should not be underestimated; the budget for a trial into stem cell use can run to millions of dollars. Stem cell tourists may be eligible for inclusion in ongoing clinical trials.

  • Non-approved stem cell treatment in reputable centres

Qualified and competent healthcare professionals working in accredited clinics may also offer non-approved treatments. The important factor here is that the patient is fully informed of the lack of scientific support and the related risks.

  • Fraudulent stem cell treatment

In this instance, the clinic is not licensed or regulated, the competency of the doctors and nursing staff is questionable, and the promotional claims for the safety and efficacy of the therapy are exaggerated and have little or no scientific backing.

Stem cell therapy packages in Germany

At academic institutions and research centres in countries such as the USA, the UK and Germany, domestic or international patients can receive stem cell treatment where use has been approved or there is a clinical trial in progress. German law gives priority to adult stem cells under the 2002 Stem Cell Act, but the import of embryonic stem cells into Germany is permitted under strict conditions approved by the Central Ethics Commission for Stem Cell Research and the country’s parliament. We can help you find the best German clinics for stem cell therapy


 Country / City  Hospital Name  Treatment Type Package Price
Germany, Werne  Juventas Revitalization Clinic

Mini Metabolic Therapy (Normalization of blood sugar level)

– 14 days

$6,749 (including hotel)

Express Stem Cell Anti-aging Program

$5,695 (including 4 days at hotel)

6 things to know about stem cell therapy

  • New drugs can be tested on stem cells to assess their safety before testing drugs on animal and human models.
  • Different types of stem cells serve different purposes in the body
  • The same stem cell treatment is unlikely to work for different diseases or conditions
  • Cells from your own body are not automatically safe when used in treatments
  • An experimental treatment offered for sale is not the same as a clinical trial
  • The adult stem cells are commonly referred to as “repair cells” for their ability to heal injured organs or body parts, their primary functions being: accelerated tissue repair, stimulated tissue regeneration, decreased inflammation, prevention of further cell death, creation of new blood vessels

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