Wellness Package in South Korea

South Korea Wellness

Korean Medicine and Wellness Tour for International patients 

PlacidKorea – Asclè InterMed, Inc. is a provider of global health care related services with its main focus on business promotion of all the particulars associated with attraction of foreign patients and export of hospitals.

The Korean Medicine and Wellness Tour offers 6 days of excellent medical care procedures and outstanding tourism services for 4 persons in the Asian country.

The package includes a translator, a guide, transportation, accommodation and meals. But airfare and some additional activity fees are not included.

During the 6 day stay, PlacidKorea – Asclè InterMed, Inc. have prepared a special schedule perfectly merging sessions of outstanding medical care procedures and touristic activities to guarantee an unique, Asian experience.

Day 1
Arrival in Seoul, South Korea
Check-in Hotel Oakwood
Seoul Night View Tour & Dinner
Dinner at a Jordanian Restaurant
Day 2
Medical Treatment with 5 Treatment Options
(Health Checkup, Women’s Checkup, Skincare, Korean Medicine, Spine/Joint Checkup)
“Gyeongbokgung” Tour, One of The Palaces of Joseon Dynasty
Dinner at an Indian Restaurant
Day 3
Shopping at Coex Mall and Aquarium
Fusion Korean Traditional Musical “Fantastic”
Dinner at an International Restaurant
Day 4
Trip to GangWon Province:
Visit at ‘Jeong GangWon’, The Korean Folk Food and Culture Museum
Visit at BoKwang Phoenix Park
Day 5 Shopping Session at YeoJu Outlet
Day 6
Breakfast at Lotte Hotel “World”
Return To Dubai, UAE



Medical Care Options During The Korean Medicine and Wellness Tour

Medical Program 1

Health Checkup (Cancer)

at Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, South Korea

Price for Complete Health Checkup

  • Male: $2,307 USD
  • Female: $2,756 USD
  • Basic / Intensive

Designed for the early diagnosis of the most common diseases by ages

◈ Medical Consultation, Body Measurement, Blood Pressure, Ophthalmologic Tests, Dental Exam, Dietary Assessment
◈ Abdominal Ultrasonography
◈ Electrocardiography, Pulmonary Function Test, Chest X-ray
◈ Blood Tests
◈ Urinalysis, Stool
◈Vaccination Consultation
◈Sedative Gastric Endoscopy/Helicobacter, Tumor Marker
  • Intensive
    • For Male
◈Sedative Colonoscopy/Blood Coagulation Test, Serum Pepsinogen, Abdominal CT/Visceral Fat Analysis,
◈Oto Rhinolaryngoscopy, Low Dose Chest CT, Thyroid Ultrasonography, Peripheral Blood Smear Test, Urine
◈Cotinine (Direct·Indirect Smoking Amount), Transrectal (Prostate) Ultrasonography
  • For Female
◈Sedative Colonoscopy/Blood Coagulation Test, Serum Pepsinogen, Oto Rhinolaryngoscopy, Thyroid Ultrasonography,
◈Peripheral Blood Smear Test, Breast Ultrasonography, HPV DNA Chip Test, Gynecologic Ultrasonography, Abdominal
◈CT/Visceral Fat Analysis, Low Dose Chest CT, Bone Densitometry/ Dorsolumbar Spine X-ray

Medical Program 2

Spine/Joint Check-up

at Wooridul Hospital, Seoul, South Korea

Region Medical Procedures Price
Spine Screening
  • Lumbar Region
  • Cervical Spine
Blood Tests
$540 USD / region
Joint Screening
  • Right Region
  • Left Region
Blood Tests
$540 USD / region

Medical Program 3

Women’s Checkup

at Miz Medi Hospital, Seoul, South Korea

Women’s Check-up Couple Fertility Screening
1.Cervical Cancer Screening (PAP)
2. Pelvic Sono
3.Breast Ultrasonography
4.Thyroid Ultrasonography
5. Mammography
Female: Consultation, Fallopian tubes, Uterine Cancer Screening, Basic Blood Test, Basic Hormone Test, Ultrasonography
Male: Consultation, Semen examination, Intensive Semen Antibody Test, Urology Ultrasonography, Basic Blood Test, Basic Hormone Test
$600 USD $1,500  USD – $2,000 USD

Medical Program 4


at JK Plastic Surgery Center, Seoul, South Korea


This multi-skin whitening program will clarify and brighten your complexion giving you a clear and translucent skin. It will smooth away uneven skin tones and eliminate spots and freckles caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Basic $990 USD
Premium $3,195 USD

This JK Plastic Surgery‘s patient specific Power Con program, is an exceptional treatment program designed to assist both male and female customers to recover from conditions such as, fatigue, lack of sleep, early symptoms of influenza, mental and physical fatigue.

Basic $1,125 USD
Premium $3,195 USD

This Patient-Specific Vital Therapy, designed by JK Plastic Surgery, is an excellent program to alleviate fatigue, stress and strengthen sexual functions, recommended for clients of all ages and gender wanting to improve their vitality.

Basic $1,080 USD

Medical Program 5.

Oriental Medicine 

at Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine, Seoul, South Korea

  • Treatment of Female Symptoms
Herbal Medicine (1 Month) : $360 USD ~
Basic Treatment (Acupuncture + Moxibustion + Phyto-steam treatment ) : $180 USD ~
  • Petite Facial Acupuncture: $144 USD

This type of acupuncture is also known as facial rejuvenation acupuncture or acupuncture facelift. Ultra-fine needles are inserted into or around specific wrinkles, acupoint and muscle points.

  • Benefits: collagen production, skin elasticity, puffiness removal and the skin tone improvement.
  • Recommended for:  dull and tired looking skin, puffiness, sagging skin.
  • Immediate effects: freshened look, tone and elasticity improvement.
  • May occur some bruising.
  • No need for recovery time.
  • Duration of the procedure: between 1 and 2 hours.

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